Human Resources

Employment, Training, Charging System


While recruiting new staff, CNR Holding regards candidate's possession of qualities and competencies required for the position, compatibility to team work and their openness to change and development.


CNR Holding's training target is to provide certain knowledge, skills and attitudes to its employees and support them in having the accoutrements to apply them in their own lives.

The training programs offered are as follows.

  • Trade Fair Training
  • Technical Training
  • Managerial Skills Training
  • Personal Development Training

CNR Holding's Human Resources application adopts the principle of contributing to the employees personal and career developments.

The employees are objectively evaluated with a performance evaluation system and their aspects open for improvement are supported.

Charging System

We apply "Right Fee for Right Job" system and a charging policy in accordance with the scales determined in line with market conditions, in order to keep the internal equilibrium.

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