CNR Ekspo Fuarcilik A.S.

Holds the fair organizations within such fields of industry as health, transportation, and natural stone, etc. by developing innovative projects in many fields.

Pozitif Fuarcilik A.S.

Architecture of the specialized fairs related to the shoe industry, shoe sub-industry, leather and maritime industries.

Istanbul Fuarcilik A.S.

Organizes the largest fairs that make a tremendous impression both nationally and internationally within the furniture, home textile, and decoration industries.

Sine Fuarcilik A.S.

The most important representative of the industrial fair organization in our country. They hold specialized fairs within the industry, out-of-home consumption, office furniture, and retailing industries.

CNR Uluslararası Fuarcilik A.S.

Pioneering organization in Turkey within the field of international fair organization. They operate in leasing and services for the congress, seminars, and special events.

Forum Fuarcılık ve Geliştirme A.Ş.

Forum Fuarcilik achieves many fair organizations international for the purposes of developing international business and contributing to the export.

Forza Fuarcilik ve Organizasyon A.S.

Forza Fuarcilik was founded to organize national industrial fairs. The fairs are held in such cities as Ankara, Antalya, Mersin, Antakya, Izmir, and Gaziantep.

EXPO Tour A.S.

Holds the Group A Travel Agency License as issued by the Ministry of Tourism, the Republic of Turkey. They provide service for the exhibitors and visitors within the travel and accommodation fields.

Stand Art Fuar Servisleri A.S.

Provides any and all technical equipment, specially decorated booths, extra materials, and other services as necessary during the fair organizations.

Design Studio

Produces modular and boutique solutions for the fair exhibitors.